Democracy, in Québec as in many occidental countries, is losing legitimacy to a point where more and more citizens believe exercising their right to vote is of no use. This is a very serious problem which demands our immediate attention.

Why create Parti Nul? Because voters have no clear way to express, without a doubt, their dissatisfaction with regard to political parties, the electoral process, or political institutions in general. On the one hand, there is abstinence, which consists of not using one’s right to vote. Even when this is a decisive, voluntary protest, it always risks being interpreted as a simple lack of political involvement or even worse a silent approval of the present social and political situation. On the other hand, a wilfully spoiled ballot will be placed in the « rejected vote » category and as such will not be considered in the election’s results.

So we understand the need to implement an effective conduit to express popular dissatisfaction that doesn’t betray the authentic will of the voter. It is precisely this democratic flaw that the Parti Nul aims to correct. So that popular dissatisfaction may be significantly taken into account in the electoral results, the Parti Nul suggests presenting a candidate in each electoral district. This way a « Parti Nul » checkbox symbolizing the nullification of the vote will appear on each ballot, allowing voters willing to express their dissatisfaction to really be considered in the election’s results.

The Parti Nul exists to reveal a democratic unease that we think needs to be taken into account. We believe this deserves to be exposed since it is the manifestation of the gap between the political caste that wields the power and the will of the people, who in a democracy, are the ones supposed to be exercising that power. Collectively recognizing the existence of this democratic failing, by accounting nullified votes is but one step that may steer us towards a real democracy.